Craft Spirits

& Cocktails

The tradition of distilling sugar cane into cañazo goes back centuries in Peru, created in backyards and gardens across the country and consumed at home, or with chicha in town plazas. Like many home brews, the recipes lived in the minds of each family, varying slightly from region to region, farm to farm.


In the 1980s, hotel-founder and local legend Wendy Weeks began distilling and macerating her own compuestos, experimenting by mixing cañazo with local herbs and plants. In that tradition, her sons Joaquín and Ishmael and dear friend Haresh founded Destilería Andina in 2015, working with their own stills to develop new distilling techniques and products exported across the country (and soon the world).

Aula is proud to partner with the distillery and its official bar Chuncho to offer a custom one-day workshop exploring the distilling and maceration methods based in Peruvian history and the ingenuity and innovation of Wendy, Joaquín, Ishmael, Haresh and the Destilería Andina team. And top off the experience, we join the Chuncho team for a cocktail workshop and family-style tasting lunch to fully appreciate the use of cañazo and local ingredients in contemporary Peruvian mixology.


& inclusions:

Full duration of the workshop, including roundtrip transportation and lunch: Full day (approx. 7 hours)


Minimum occupancy: 2 guests

The workshop will be lead by the Destilería Andina team and Chuncho bartender and waitstaff.


  • ~2 hour distillation and maceration workshop at Destilería Andina

  • Tasting of Destilería Andina products, both developed and works-in-progress

  • Farm-fresh ingredients to make your own custom cañazo compuesto to take home

  • Artisan cocktail workshop to learn more about using your cañazo at home, hosted by Chuncho, Destilería Andina’s official bar

  • A family-style tasting lunch at Chuncho showcasing local dishes and ingredients

  • Bi-lingual guide

  • A S/30 credit towards the purchase of all Destilería Andina products

  • Private roundtrip transportation from Cusco*

*Please let us know if you require pick-up or drop-off at a location not in Cusco

While we are happy to have your child join the workshop, we cannot allow any minors to consume alcoholic beverages without the permission of a parent or guardian. Please let us know if you will be traveling with a child


& cancellation:

Pricing varies depending on group size:

2 guests: $180 per person

3-6 guests: $150 per person

7-12 guests: $160 per person


Optional: Request an accompanying Aula Artesana guide for $115 additional

We request the full balance of the workshop be paid upon reservation, including a 30% non-refundable deposit. Please review our Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

All cancellations must be communicated to as soon as possible.

  • Cancellations made more than 1 week in advance of the reservation date will be refunded in full, excluding the 30% deposit and any banking or deposit fees

  • Cancellations made less than 1 week in advance of the reservation will be subject to a 15% charge of the total workshop cost

  • Cancellations made less than 3 days in advance of the reservation will not be eligible for reimbursement

To reserve, please complete the following:

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