La Finca de Nueva Alianza

Dwight Aguilar

Dwight Aguilar has been interested in agriculture since he was a child. His keen interest led him to focus on coffee production; rather than attend university, Dwight chose to learn-by-doing from other small producers who worked in the countryside. He and his family now run their family’s coffee plantation, which over the past few years they have converted to become 100% organic.


Dwight continues to educate himself about ancestral knowledge and harvest practices, which he applies to his own growing processes. He is committed to sustainably and organically producing coffee, which means working with the environment and everything that grows there naturally, as well as paying workers a fair wage for their time and skills.

In 2018, Dwight’s coffee was selected as the winner of the Taza de Excelencia (Cup of Excellence) and recognized as the best coffee in Peru. He currently produces coffee beans for a number of roasters and will soon begin roasting coffee of his own.