Aula Artesana

Are you fair trade?

Aula Artesana adheres to fair trade principles. We pay our partners the price they ask for and never negotiate, except when we feel that the proposed price is too low . To learn more, visit Our Values or write us with any specific questions or concerns.

Why these partners and the areas that Aula works in?

Aula works with people who are passionate about what they do, offer high-quality handmade products and want to share their knowledge and art. We are always interested in working with new partners across Peru who share our values. However, we are also conscious of biting off more than we can chew, so we prioritize strengthening and maintaining the relationships we already have.

Why only partners with existing goods to sell?

We believe that this is a sustainable model for both our partners and Aula. Our partners are passionate about their work, craft and art and are looking for retail and workshop opportunities, all of which Aula is keen to help facilitate.

How do you maintain relationships with your partners?

We maintain continual communication with our partners across Peru, visiting them regularly and in-person and meeting with the artisan associations, community members and leaders. Some of our partners are reachable by telephone, while others live in areas outside of phone service. In those cases, we schedule visits more frequently in order to keep up communication. Trains, planes, cars and canoes - we do whatever it takes to reach our partners!


Why should I choose Aula Artesana for an artisan workshop experience?

Aula was founded in Peru, where it works alongside artisans and communities to develop workshops for our customers. Its founders Sonya and Steph have lived for several years in Peru, and they have developed Aula’s workshops in close consultation with the artisans. We take great care to make sure that our guests are happy, comfortable and learning, while leaving the teaching and expertise to our partners. We do not cut corners when it comes to experience or safety; we craft our workshops and itineraries with our guests in mind and are constantly working to improve the experience of both our guests and our partners. We are honored to develop these workshops and bring makers together from across the world, and we take our role as facilitator and guide very seriously.

How large are workshop groups?

Groups typically range from about 8 to 10 participants and are accompanied by group leaders, local guides and translators. We prefer smaller groups to create a more intimate experience for everyone involved.

What are my payment options?

Aula requires a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the full cost of the trip to secure your place in the workshop. From there, you can either pay the full amount of the trip or pay in 2 installments leading up to the workshop. We require that the reservation be paid in full no later than 60 days prior to the workshop. If final payment is not received at this time, Aula Artesana reserves the right to cancel your booking.
Read more about our payment plans and Terms & Conditions here.

What’s included in the cost of the workshops and itineraries?

All food, transportation throughout your itinerary, accommodations, workshops, guides, translations and other activities are included in the cost of the workshop.

What’s not included in the cost of the workshops and itineraries?

Alcoholic beverages unless otherwise stated in the workshop description, airfare or other transportation costs from your home country to the workshop destination, travel insurance and personal expenses.

Why does Aula require travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers our guests in case of flight cancellations, illness, strikes, theft, etc. We are confident and experienced travelers in Peru, but we also know that weather can be unpredictable, as can labor disputes or civil strikes. We suggest Allianz as a reliable travel insurance company.

Do I need a travel visa?

Citizens of the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa to enter Peru for tourism purposes. If you are traveling under a passport from another country, please consult your local government or Peruvian consulate to determine whether a visa is required to enter the country.

What is Aula’s cancellation and refund policy?

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must please notify Aula Artesana, in writing, of your desire to cancel. Below is our refund policy: - If the booking is cancelled at least 60 days prior to departure, Aula will refund in full any prior payments, with the exception of the initial deposit and any non-refundable purchases made on your behalf. - If the booking is cancelled at least 30 days prior to departure, Aula will refund 50% of any prior payments (with Aula retaining the remaining 50%), with the exception of the initial deposit and any non-refundable purchases made on your behalf. - Reservations cancelled within 30 days of departure are not eligible for refund.
Read more about our cancellation and refund policy in Terms & Conditions.

Are there any vaccinations I should get before traveling in Peru?

Peru is generally a safe place to travel, but we would suggest consulting a doctor regarding vaccinations, particularly for jungle-based workshops.

Should I be worried about altitude sickness?

Altitude affects everyone differently and has very little to do with physical fitness. If you have experienced issues with altitude in the past or if you’re not sure how altitude affects you, consult your doctor to find out what options may be available to you regarding preventative measures. Aula takes altitude into consideration when designing workshop itineraries. We build in some time for guests to acclimatize before attempting any strenuous physical activity. We also carry oxygen with us as a precaution.


How much is shipping?

Aula Artesana works with Serpost, the Peruvian postal service, in order to keep shipping rates as low as possible while still maintaining reliability and delivery speed. Items’ shipping cost depends on weight and dimension. Products with a shipping cost under $10 ship for free internationally!

How soon will I receive my package?

Typically packages shipped internationally will arrive in 15 to 21 business days. We provide tracking information so that you can keep an eye on your package as it goes along. You can find out more about our Shipping & Returns policy here.

Where is my package coming from?

All products are shipped from our shop and headquarters in Cusco, Peru.

Does Aula ship internationally?


Does Aula ship within Peru?

Yes! Shipping methods and rates are different for local customers. Please write to us at hello@aulaartesana.com and let us know that you would like to place a domestic order.

What is Aula’s refund and exchange policy?

Because each piece is handmade and unique, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. This policy also applies to damaged or lost items. You can find out more about our Shipping & Returns policy here.

My package never arrived. What can I do?

Aula provides tracking information for every package, and we would be happy to reach out to the shipping companies on your behalf regarding your package. However, we are not responsible for lost packages and unfortunately cannot refund the order. You can find out more about our Shipping & Returns policy here.

How should I care for my product?

Carefully! All of our products are handmade using traditional methods and should be washed carefully. We include care instructions in each product description.

Does Aula offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please write to us at hello@aulaartesana.com for our wholesale linesheet and pricing.

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