La Finca Korikancha

Liz and her parents Juana and Nicanor operate one of the few remaining organic tea plantations in Huyro, an area formerly renowned for its tea production. The family maintains the farm themselves using only sustainable, organic practices to produce green and black tea. Between them, they have an abundance of plant knowledge, including the uses of all the medicinal plants that grow in the area.

The process of picking the tea leaves and working the farm follows a ritual, beginning in the early morning with a shared cigarette to keep the bugs away. They then commence the harvesting process, picking the leaves as fast as possible before the sun goes down. Tea must be harvested every 15 to 20 days to maintain the quality of the leaves and plant growth. Artisanally-dried tea is first wrapped in canvas and crushed to trap the moisture. After steaming for a short time in the sun, the leaves are crushed by hand and left to dry in the sun.