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A week to celebrate

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This week we’ve been celebrating Aula’s first birthday and the launch of our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Aulita: a boutique, cafe and learning space in the center of Cusco. Moving to this larger space will enable us to support more artisans and facilitate more opportunities for cross-cultural connection. To learn more, visit the Aulita campaign.

Happy birthday, Aula!

From Steph & Sonya

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It was Aula’s first birthday this week and we're feeling so grateful for everything we’ve been able to build over the last year; working one-on-one with artisans to help bring their goods to market, developing immersive workshops in our partners’ communities and homes, our team - who run the Aula store and share our mission with clients, and our community of supporters and friends. 

We celebrated with our team in the Sacred Valley - taking a moment to be thankful for the hard work and vision that has gone into making Aula Artesana a reality.

So many people have worked with us in getting Aula off the ground and thriving and we have a few special mentions: 

Our team, past and present! Pierina, Ada, Noemi and Veronica - you have brought so much passion, artistic talent and joy to us and Aula as a whole and we cannot thank you enough for all that you do.  

Shawn Wroughton and the entire Antigua Casona crew! You gave us the space to bring Aula to life and have been so welcoming and involved from the very beginning. What a pleasure to work alongside all of you! 

Our artisan partners! You are the heart of Aula Artesana. Thank you for trusting in us and sharing your knowledge, culture and beautiful products.

More key players.....

Cristina Burméster - the fantastic designer of our bilingual website  Jarrison Alvarez and Yadhira Becerra - who keep us running ever so smoothly  Leah Pellegrini - whose talent for storytelling is second to none and belief in what we're doing motivates us daily  Maxine Naidoo - the wonderful, patient creator behind our logo and branding  Paola Paredes and Florence Goupil - for beautifully capturing all of the moments that allow us to share Aula with our community 

And of course, our family and friends, who have given us valuable advice and cheered us on - we so appreciate each and every one of you.  

Photography by: Diego Nishiyama, Florence Goupil, Leah Pellegrini and Paola Paredes