Tiodoro and Juana Pacco, from the Palca community of Puno, have dedicated their lives to the creation of beautifully soft, hand-woven alpaca textiles. They raise the alpacas themselves, sheer and clean the wool, spin the yarn, and dye the fibers using natural plants and minerals. Only then do they begin the weaving process using large wooden floor looms, which allow for a looser weave and super-soft textiles.

The results speak for themselves: the coziest alpaca shawls of the highest quality, created with care by Tiodoro, Juana and a small collective of fellow weavers.



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Alpaca Shawl

  • Material: Hand-spun alpaca wool, naturally dyed & hand woven

    Dimensions: 195 cm long x 55cm wide (77” long x 22” wide)*

    Department: Puno

    Region: Highlands - Sierra

    Country: Peru

    Artisan/Community: Tiodoro and Juana Pacco

    Details/Care: These shawls make the perfect snuggly addition to a chilly day. Because they’re handmade, we suggest spot-cleaning or hand-washing with extreme care. Do not place in the washing machine or dryer.


    *Please note that because our products are made by hand, without machinery or molds, items may vary slightly in size and color.

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