This black pottery is made by a few families in Peru’s northern jungle in Loreto, using traditional methods unique to those jungle communities. The clay is formed by mixing the white clay from the Amazon basin with the ash of the apacharama bark. The pieces’ brilliant black color results from the process of smoking the ceramics with different plants and tropical woods - a process that makes them waterproof and heat resistant.


The Black Clay Mug is our favorite for a steaming latte on a chilly day. It’s larger than some of our other mugs, making it perfect for a cup of tea or hot chocolate as well. Since the ceramic’s color and shine come from within the clay itself, it does not contain any paint or glaze that may flake off into drinks.



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Black Clay Mug

  • Material: White clay, apacharama bark, plants and woods local to the Loreto region

    Dimensions: 10cm wide, 15cm with handle x 10cm tall (4” wide, 6” with handle x 4” tall)*

    Department: Loreto

    Region: Jungle - Selva

    Country: Peru

    Artisan/Community: Ceramicists from the community of Santo Tomas

    Details/Care: The black clay pottery is useful as well as decorative - we’re pretty sure food tastes better from it too! Wash by hand with water and a light detergent.

    *Please note that because our products are made by hand, without machinery or molds, items may vary slightly in size and color.

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