Tiodoro & Juana

Tiodoro and Juana have dedicated their lives to the creation of beautifully soft, hand-woven alpaca textiles. During the 2000s, Tiodoro and Juana decided to revive their ancestral practice of alpaca rearing and, combined with their knowledge of natural dye plants and weaving, have come to produce a variety of hand-woven textiles created on both the floor and backstrap looms.

The entire process, from raising and shearing the alpaca to making the textile, takes place at their home in Palca, a small village in the Puno region. Selected alpacas are sheared every November and December during the Peruvian “summer,” when they can survive (and benefit from) losing some of their wool. After the shearing ceremony, the wool is cleaned and hand-spun using a pushka (drop spindle). Some wool is dyed, while the rest maintains its natural color. Finally, Tiodoro and Juana begin the weaving process.