Aula Artesana is driven by principles of sustainability, inclusivity, transparency and social good. We work to make sure that these values are reflected throughout our business, guiding our approach to relationships with our employees, partners, guests and planet. We are constantly reassessing ourselves and our practices and are always open to feedback, questions and suggestions.

Artisan Partners

  • A retail platform for artisans who want to sell their handmade, high-quality products and teach others about their process  

  • Fair-market compensation for the time, skill and creativity that goes into making each product

  • We never negotiate prices, except when we feel that a proposed amount is too low

  • Creative freedom - we do not interfere with the design process or aesthetic choices of our partners, though from time to time we request particular colors or sizes

  • Relationships built on mutual respect, open dialogue and participation

  • We visit our partners regularly to maintain open communication and request that meetings be translated into the local Indigenous language, ensuring that everyone can understand and participate


  • Open and honest communication with our guests regarding all of our products and workshops

  • Commitment to providing the highest quality, unique, handcrafted products made in Peru

  • Carefully designed itineraries based on the interests and passions of our guests

  • Comfortable accommodations and delicious meals that reflect the character of the region

  • Feedback-friendly - we constantly aim to improve and count on our guests to give us critiques and suggestions

Employees & Vendors

  • Above-average wages and adherence to Peruvian labor laws regarding working hours and benefits

  • Open, safe and creative work environment where feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged

  • Reliance on local expertise as much as possible

  • Ongoing relationships with local, independently-owned restaurants and hotels whose philosophy and dedication to sustainability mirror our own


  • Due diligence in ensuring that, as far as possible, materials are ethically sourced, and products are sustainably made using natural elements

  • We require and trust that our partners are transparent with us regarding processes, methods, sourcing, sustainability and work practices

  • Packaging and merchandise made out of recycled materials

  • Sustainable choices built into every aspect of our business, from products and packaging to workshops and travel to our own internal practices

  • Always open to suggestions for how we can reduce our environmental impact

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