Aula Artesana is a retail and learning space located in the heart of Cusco. We collaborate with artisans, communities, organizations and businesses in the highlands and jungles of Peru to build a unique, curated collection of handmade products.


Through these partnerships, we have developed group and custom hands-on workshops with master artisans in their communities, bringing together makers and art-lovers from around the world.


Aula hopes to facilitate opportunities for people of different backgrounds to come together to exchange experiences and learn about alternative perspectives through art and travel.


You will find a full range of exceptional art and other products both in our Cusco shop and in our online store. Each piece has been designed and created by artisans using traditional methods. Aula works closely with our artisan partners to create a beautiful collection of expertly made handcrafted goods that reflect the lands and Peoples of Peru.


Our workshops are hands-on experiences taught by master artisans to transmit both the traditional production methods and the unique lineage of each craft. Through artisanal workshops, we aim to foster a connection between buyers and makers that goes beyond the transactional to become a sharing of knowledge, experience and passion.


We invite our guests to meet and come to know the people behind the process.

Indigenous Peoples in Peru

In Peru, there are 55 officially recognized Indigenous Peoples speaking 47 Indigenous languages.*

Many of our artisan partners come from Indigenous communities and draw on traditional knowledge to make their products. Their expertise around where and how to gather materials and dye plants, weaving, symbology, sustainable agriculture and farming, ceramics and much more has traditionally been passed down through generations of Indigenous communities. 

However, cultural devaluation has historically excluded this knowledge and the people who wield it from the market, causing many communities to themselves devalue and lose these practices. Through collaborations with Aula and other outlets, our partners are looking for opportunities to revive traditional artisan practices and reach a greater audience, ultimately revaluing their art and culture.


Our Founders

Aula was founded by Steph Guthridge and Sonya Radetsky in 2018, brought together through their love of the diverse artisanal products of Peru, as well as their shared values of ethical business practices, human engagement and collaboration. Aula has grown and will continue to evolve through their combined extensive experience working with Indigenous communities through social and nonprofit projects and their past work with artisans and sustainable tourism.

*IWGIA Indigenous World 2019 report

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